About Khair Public School

Aims and Objectives

Khair Public School will provide congenial environment for all round development of the whole personality and its integration with the society, particularly in reference to the Indian Context. Positive ideas will be inculcated in student as regards personal hygiene, neatness of uniform, cleanliness of surroundings, graceful manners, obedience and discipline. To achieve high academic standards, personal attention will be given to each individual child.

A highly motivated and dedicated team of teachers play the role of a model for the children. Individual care and personalized coaching and regular effort have woven a vibrant and inspiring environment. Aim of the school is to create a free and healthy atmosphere to inculcate the spirit of nationalism, brotherhood, a sense of The discipline, gentle manner and refined tastes. Equal importance will be given to build a healthy and strong body by physical exercise, games and sports.

Khair Public School is situated at Maniram, Gorakhpur. Our Fundamental aim is to develop the children’s internal and external quality specially for social activities and to develop in our children a love for learning.

We try to make our children committed to the service of mankind and a spirit of love for the fellow men, self confidence and wisdom.

The school offers a peaceful atmosphere for the pursuit of excellence in academics as well as co-curricular activities. The school in the first session started from play-way to V which will be upgraded up to XII in each progressive year.